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We Specialize In Collision Repair!


About Us

Mickelson’s Auto Body Shop has been in business since 1985. Dean Mickelson started the business and his sons Wade and Wyatt have carried on the tradition. Mickelson’s Auto Body is committed to quality work from start to finish. A body shop that does more than most. Anywhere from Fiberglass Repair to Plastic Bumper Repair, and even changing window regulators, you can be sure this shop can do it. A proud member of the AASP (Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois.) Well known all over the area and trusted with some of the toughest and most complex jobs around. Mickelson’s wants to make sure you pick the right body shop that you want, and to not be persuaded by insurance companies. Mickelson’s also works with all insurance companies, not singling anyone out! Mickelson’s also mixes their own paint and have their own paint booth, so no need to wait for the paint from the parts stores, Mickelson’s can take care of you now. Being family owned, you can expect to be treated just like family. One of the few body shops that will allow you to schedule on a Saturday by appointment only. Remember, You Clip it We Fix It. A long time known slogan by Mickelson’s Body Shop!

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Additional Services We Offer!

Mickelson’s offers an array of services. When it comes to body work, this shop is able to exceed expectations. Paintless Dent Removal, also known as PDR is a service Mickelson’s specializes in. This method is known for removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle. Body work is at its best here in Bartelso.

Framework is one service that this shop specializes in as well. This is very important as framework is the supporting tool for vehicles, and you can be sure that this shop is exceptional when it comes to framework. This also includes unibody frames. Most cars are unibody frames, so this is a very important service.

Rust Repair is another service Mickelson’s offers. Making sure you have no rust on your vehicle is very important as it will spread if you do not treat it. This is something people often ignore, and assume the spot won’t get worse. Make sure you have this treated immediately.

Plastic welding is often used in repairing plastic bumpers. Mickelson’s  offers this service as well. A process of binding materials together aided by heat, this can be a tedious process.

Mickelson’s also paints exterior house doors. This is done by using automotive paint, which lasts longer and you won’t have to worry about all of the chipping that happens when using other paints. They also paint shudders and pillars, adding to a variety of services they can provide.

When having your vehicle damaged, you will also find that your vehicle needs alignment service. Mickelson’s makes sure that this is done right, so when your vehicle is repaired, you won’t have to worry about it driving any differently.


We Paint Exterior House Doors!



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